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    O-Ring Chainmail Bracelet

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    Unisex chainmail O-ring bracelet, made by hand using a classic 3-in-1 half Persian chainmail stitch. The number 3 is divine, bringing up angel number associations of creative energy, good humor, positive attitude, and abundance. Let's secure that bag...

    Made from hypoallergenic stainless steel, and naturally tarnish resistant... just like you!

    Product Details

    • Adjustable unisex chainmail bracelet with an intricate dragonscale pattern
    • 6" of chainmail with a 3" chain extender
    • Comes with silver CYB3RW3NCH maker's tag
    • Available in custom sizes — know your specific measurement? Want it a little longer or shorter? Feel free to drop it in the order notes. 
    • Handmade from hypoallergenic stainless steel
    • Tarnish-free

    Processing Time

    This item is handmade link by link the East Village, but usually ships with 3 days of purchase. 

    If you order multiple items, all items will ship when the last item in the order is ready.