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    Unisex Chainmail Bracelet

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    Unisex chainmail bracelet, made by hand using a classic 4-in-1 half Persian chainmail stitch. The number 4 is divine, bringing up angel number associations with organization, loyalty, and trust. We love to see it...

    Made from hypoallergenic stainless steel, and naturally tarnish resistant... just like you!

    Product Details

    • Adjustable unisex chainmail bracelet
    • 6" of chainmail with a 3" chain extender
    • Comes with silver CYB3RW3NCH maker's tag
    • Available in custom sizes — know your specific measurement? Want it a little longer or shorter? Feel free to drop it in the order notes. 
    • Handmade from hypoallergenic stainless steel
    • Tarnish-free

    Processing Time

    This item is handmade link by link the East Village, but usually ships with 3 days of purchase. 

    If you order multiple items, all items will ship when the last item in the order is ready.