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Cyber Fairy Ear Cuff

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To don the Cyber Fairy Ear Cuff is to step into your power. This isn’t a fantasy — but there’s a fantasy character inside of you. 

This piece is 3D printed in wax one at a time in Cyb3rW3nch's studio and then cast locally in New York City. The process is a delicate mix of digital technology and handcraft, so no two pieces turn out exactly the same — therein lies the beauty...

The Psychic Armor collection is for sensitive souls who wish to protect their energy from The Chaos big and small. Each of these pieces is designed to work like a forcefield to keep low frequencies away.

May you unlock your highest self —

    Vital Information

    Cyb3rW3nch jewelry is wearable art — while it's designed with durability in mind, please keep in mind that all jewelry is fragile and should be handled with care.

    - Ear cuff measures 1” x 1”

    - Currently available in special 925 sterling silver with anti-tarnish alloys

    - Can be made in brass, bronze, and gold upon request

    - No piercing needed — can be worn on either ear on the cartilage, ear lobe, and anywhere in between

    - Adjustable arms for a tailor made fit

    - Lightweight design optimized for comfort

    - Store in a sealed pouch to prevent tarnishing, if tarnishing occurs it can be easily buffed with a jewelry polishing cloth

    Because this item is made to order upon request, shipping and delivery times vary — please allow 3-4 weeks for shipping and delivery. Send an inquiry to receive an up to date timeline...

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