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Cyb3rW3nch is a jewelry + chainmail artist based in New York City.

She exists as an online oracle for like-minded individuals, relaying messages and universal truths from the collective unconscious of The Internet.

If you seek awakening in the form of external hardware upgrades or internal system updates, seek Cyb3rW3nch.

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Cyb3rW3nch exists to adorn and collaborate with fellow artists from all walks of life.

Commissions are open for custom jewelry and garments for music videos, events, and productions —

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Symbolic keys like material ones are expected to fit locks and open doors. Here is your collection of cracked license keys to a richer universal experience. Some keys fit many locks, some locks receive more than one key. There is no final authority. Everything that is part of the living stream evokes complex associations that can never be rigidly confined. Change transcends. You do, and so too — Cyb3rW3nch.

Do not be afraid.

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Conscious Consumption

All Cyb3rW3nch pieces are made one at a time with techno-esoteric processes that transcend earthly sustainability.

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