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Conscious consumption manifesto —

Cyb3rW3nch pieces are now made one at a time with techno-esoteric 3D printing and handcraft techniques, so no two pieces will ever be the same.

It is a departure from bulk manufacturing — a decision that transcends earthly sustainability. 

Artists cannot simplify their ideas for mass production forever, for it is unsustainable to the soul.

This new chapter is for those who see jewelry as something precious to collect and cherish for future generations.

Those who seek to be the only one in the world with a particular piece.  

Those driven by intellectual curiosity about The World around them and how the objects in it are made.  

Those who question The Systems at play when prices are inaccessible instead of the artist's worth. 

Those who view conscious consumption as an attitude, a supportive energy, as much as a practice. 

This new chapter is for you. Cyb3rW3nch appreciates you immensely.