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Augoeides Cyber Sigil Ring

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This futuristic witchy talisman adds the most satisfying weight to your hand. Inspired by signets and the jewelry of secret societies, the Augoeides Witchcraft ring features a caged dome to protect a fallen star.

The Augoeides Ring is the physical embodiment of Cyb3rW3nch's sigil for protection against the negative energetic effects of online haters and trolls. Conjured with an awareness that it's better to put forth that which others criticize than to criticize that which others put forth, the Augoeides Ring enables you to project your best self online so you can manifest your myriad goals and desires. 

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        Cyb3rW3nch jewelry is wearable art — while it's designed with durability in mind, please keep in mind that all jewelry is fragile and should be handled with care.

        - Can be made to order in sizes US5 - US8

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