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Resurrection Rosary 2.0

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This tiny spoon rosary has been resurrected from the Cyb3rW3nch archives and reworked in the interest of timelessness. Interpretation is up to the beholder... I do not make the rules. You do — 

Do not be afraid. You are in good hands...

Quantities are limited so don't delay — plus while supplies last, all orders will ship with a limited edition cyber prayer card for u to cherish forevermore...


∞ Tiny spoon measures .5” 

∞ Rosary length measures 20" with a 3" drop

∞ Features a high quality yet delicate stainless steel chain dotted with 3mm beads 

∞ Rosary centerpiece is engraved with a Cyb3rW3nch maker's mark for authenticity

∞ Made entirely from hypoallergenic 316L stainless steel

∞ Waterproof and tarnish-free for everyday wear

∞ Cyb3rW3nch jewelry is wearable art — while it's designed with durability in mind, please keep in mind that all jewelry is fragile and should be handled with care.

Other hardware upgrades are available...